AMERican duos with pianist john blacklow (2015)

Schumann Sonatas with pianist John Blacklow (2014)

"[Schumann's Three Sonatas] are rendered in lush tones by Jennifer Frautschi...and John Blacklow...Although both are capable of the utmost in virtuosity, they concentrate on getting their intense interpretations across to the listener.  As Schumann's melodies and harmonic choices change, these artists draw their listener into their world and hold them spellbound for the rest of the recording.  Violinist and pianist seem to breathe together..

When Schumann calls for dramatic playing, these performers give us floods of gorgeous tone; when he wants a simple Allegretto, their response is as light as a cumulous cloud.  In the Intermezzo of the Third Sonata, Frautschi's tone is as smooth as a silken robe.  In every instance these two musicians are as dramatic and colorful, or as light and playful, as the music warrants.' - review from Fanfare Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015

"Frautschi and Blacklow...really get this music, and because of this they deliver performances with both finesse and passion.  Not one phrase goes by without some detail striking the listener, and best part of it is that none of this sounds forced or artificial in feeling" - review from Fanfare Magazine, Sep/Oct 2014

Stravinsky Violin Concerto with conductor Robert Craft and the Philharmonia Orchestra (2007)

“The real reason to acquire this disc, if you feel so inclined, is to hear Jennifer Frautschi's magnificent rendering of the Violin Concerto. Her playing is not just beautifully sensitive to matters of dynamics and phrasing, but in a work that places such a heavy burden on the violinist, Frautschi simply has the perfect timbre for the music: pure, sweet, full, but never overburdened with vibrato. This makes the two central arias touchingly natural in their lyrical eloquence rather than merely stylized. And of course, you can't ask for a better hand at the podium than Craft's.” -review from

Prokofiev Violin Concerti with conductor Gerard Schwarz and Seattle Symphony (2005)

“It has always struck me as strange that Prokofiev's Second Concerto should have overshadowed the first for so many years, when the latter is so conspicuously the more inventive, compelling and emotionally satisfying of the two. Jennifer Frautschi brings out the work's natural warmth, lyricism, and fantasy more effectively than just about anyone since Kyung-Wha Chung recorded her classic account with Andre Previn back in the 1970s...

What a wonderful, golden sound Frautschi makes throughout, and how she relishes those moments when Prokofiev's Romantic instincts go into overdrive.

This is a warmly recorded, sympathetically accompanied coupling that speaks straight from the heart to the heart.”  - review from Strad Magazine, April 2005

Stravinsky Duo Concertant with pianist Jeremy Denk (2011)

Schoenberg Third String Quartet with Fred Sherry Quartet (2010)

GRAMMY nomination for ‘Best Chamber Music Performance’ in 2011

Schoenberg Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra with Fred Sherry Quartet (2005)

GRAMMY nomination for ‘Best Instrumental Soloist Performance with Orchestra’ in 2006

Stravinsky/Ravel with pianist Marta Aznavoorian (2001)

“Her first CD comes with interesting and contrasting 20th-century repertory, the major works for violin and piano by Stravinsky and Ravel; a superior collaborative pianist, Marta Aznavoorian; and lively and intelligent performances. Frautschi is a vigourous and colorful player, at once exact and exciting. Her intonation is excellent, and there is abundant character in her tone. In a world where it is impossible to distinguish between one young violinist from another, Frautschi has found a compelling voice." - review from the Boston Globe, July 2001

Solovision (2004)

“Jennifer Frautschi possesses a large and powerful tone and a well-developed technique. In these regards, she's like many other aspirants to violinistic eminence. But a keen rhythmic sense and quick reflexes that sharpen rapid attacks complement a fine sense of color and a stylistic penetration that set her apart. Solo recital recordings have become more common, but not programs evincing this combination of aplomb and stylistic sensitivity. Strongly recommended for these qualities, as well as for the program's inherent interest- which might ingratiate it even with conservative listeners."  - review from Fanfare Magazine

Music for Three with Eric Ruske and Stephen Prutsman (2010)

"Eric Ruske...plays with a beautifully rounded, burnished tone, perfect for the Brahms, and a secure technique that allows him to shift seamlessly between his instrument's registers.  Violinist Jennifer Frautschi ... plays with luminous tone and exceptionally expressive phrasing. 

Even if you already have half-a-dozen versions of the Brahms trio in your collection, this new one can easily stand beside the best of them I've heard, which would include Tuckwell/Perlman/Ashkenazy and a recording featuring hornist David Pyatt with members of the Gould Piano Trio. In any case, not only will you get a superb Brahms trio with Ruske, Frautschi, and Prutsman, but the Holbrooke alone makes this a must-have release." -
review from Fanfare Magazine, July/August 2011

Charles Wuorinen On Alligators (2005)

Barbara White Five Elements (2011)